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Are you looking for a website where you can advertise at cheap rates? Then you are at the right spot. As an entrepreneur, you are often looking for ways to get more recognition, to increase sales or in times of recession “to keep your head above water” as it is called in the business world.

Online Advertisement

The Internet is a good medium that can bring a lot of potential customers and clients of all ages and industries to your business. However, advertising is relatively cheap but free advertising does not exist, because the time you have to invest to advertise for free in a successful way, costs more than advertising in a way where some costs incur.

You can Advertise at Cheap Rates Right Here on Our Site!

Below you can find our advertising prices for one year (incl. VAT):

Url-entry: The cost for a link entry on one of our pages will cost you only € 250 / $ 265 / £ 210.

Banner: The cost for a banner on one of our pages will cost you only € 500 / $ 525 / £ 420.

Advertorial: The cost for an advertorial on a separate page will cost you only € 1150 / $ 1205 / £ 965.
For that price, you get a full page with up to 450 words + 3 images / photos.

If you can’t deliver a banner or text, we can come up with several designs and concept text. If this is the case, feel free to contact us for pricing. 

All the above mentioned prices and information on this page are subject to errors and modifications. We may also refuse to place certain ads. 

Should you have any questions or are interested, please email us at

Other Advertising posibilities

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