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Wine can be classified according to color and type. The final result is determined by the vinification.

According to Color

Red Wine: Made from blue grapes. After crushing the grapes, the grape juice, together with the peelings, stalks and seeds, ferment to wine. The natural red color is in the shell. The intensity of the color is partly determined by the amount of skin which is present in the must.
White Wine: Can be made from white and / or blue grapes. Only the grape juice, which contains no dyes, is fermented.
Rosé: Made just like red wine, from blue grapes. However, the peels are separated from the must after a certain number of hours, usually within 24 hours. For example, the shell can only release a limited amount of color.

In France only certain white and red wines may be mixed in Champagne to arrive at a rosé.
In German-speaking countries, this type of wine is traditionally called Schiller.
In Paks in Hungary, a national festival and conference and festival takes place every year around this stiller.

By Type

Non-sparkling: Completely fermented wine.
Sparkling: This is wine in which the carbonic acid of the second fermentation remains in the wine. It can also be (cheap) “Non-sparkling” wine to which carbonic acid has been added.
Fortified: Fermentation of the must has been stopped by adding wine alcohol or concentrated grape juice. For example: Port, Sherry, Madeira, Banjul’s.

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By Residual Sugar Content

The standards for the indications may differ per country or per wine region. These depend in the first instance on the amount of residual sugars in the wine, but in some cases depend in part on the content of acids. Often there is a subdivision as follows:

Dry: A low content of residual sugars (or with a relatively high content of acids).
Semi Dry: intermediate values, but drier than the next category.
Semi-Sweet: intermediate values, but sweeter than the previous category.
Sweet: A high content of residual sugars (and often with few acids).

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