Wedding Invitations

Are you getting married soon and are you looking for cheap, funny and original wedding invitations to send to your guests? Please check out the various suppliers listed below which offer lots of beautiful wedding invitations to choose from. Your wedding day should run perfectly and natural so make sure you take the time to send your wedding cards well in advance to notify everyone in time. Feel free to check out the providers listed below.


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Wedding Invitations

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Beautiful, Cheap, Funny and Original Wedding InvitationsCheap Wedding Invitations

Above you will find some professional providers for original wedding invitations where you can even implement a favorite photo in your invitation. On their sites you can also find plenty of examples of beautiful wedding invitations to choose from, without the need of adding your own photograph.

Incidentally, you can also go to the above websites for thank you cards, congratulatory cards and menu cards.


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Wedding Planner


Click here if you are looking for other items and services for your wedding such as bridal clothing, a bridal bouquet, party decorations, wedding gifts, or wedding rings.

We wish you all the best on that special occasion and we hope it’s the wedding you both dreamed about!