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At JPR Shopping you can find all your transport needs. You can buy your new or second hand car, boat, moped, bicycle, motorcycle or other vehicle here at a cheap price, but you can also order a taxi, reserve a cheap train ticket or book a plane ticket at a low rate.

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Airline Tickets – You can find the cheapest airline tickets (incl. Lastminutes!) On our page where you can compare many providers of cheap airline tickets. For example, one provider is cheaper for a flight to Rio de Janeiro and another cheaper for a flight to New Delhi.

Bus – Don’t feel like going on holiday by car? Then choose relaxed bus transport in Germany, New Zealand, USA, Spain or some other holiday destination. You can also visit these travel sites for fun bus excursions or bus trips to theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Legoland. Visit Bus Hire, however, if you want to rent a bus or van for example for a wedding or relocation.

Car – Are you looking to buy a new or used car, moped, motorcycle or scooter? Then this can be done conveniently and easy online on our site. You can buy a car from brands such as Ford, Kia, Lada or Volvo, moped and scooter brands such as Aprillia, Gilera, Vespa and Yamaha and motorcycle brands such as Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki very cheaply online.

Car Parts – Are you looking for a car, moped, motorcycle or scooter part? Then you can order very inexpensive used or new batteries, rear lights, shock absorbers, rims, wheel bearings and many other parts for, for example, an Alfa, BMW, Mercedes or Mitsubishi online. You can also find the best car tuning parts on our website, for example for your Audi, Hyundai, Nissan or Subaru you can find cheap LED lighting, sports exhaust, stainless steel dampers and spaghetti manifolds.

Cycles – Are you ready for a new bicycle or do you want to buy a BMX, mountain bike or children’s bike for your son or daughter? All this is possible at the bike shops at JPR Shop. They offer you cargo bikes, city bikes, oma bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and even bicycles with an auxiliary engine at the lowest prices. You can also go to these bike shops for panniers, child seats, pumps, locks and many other bicycle parts.

Rent A Car – Visit our car rental page if you want to rent a means of transport such as a car, delivery van, camper, scooter, station wagon, SUV or truck at a low rate.

Taxi – Do you need a taxi to, for example, JFK Airport, London Heathrow or another destination? Then quickly visit the taxi page to take a taxi there at a low rate from your home to your destination. We can also highly recommend this taxi page for companies.

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Train – Do you want to buy a train ticket for your trip within Australia or China, for a city trip to London, New York, or Paris or to your winter sports destination in Austria, Canada or Switzerland? Then do it cheaply, easily and quickly online at Cheap Travel.

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