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Are you looking for thank you cards for a wedding, communion, birth, funeral or any other occasion? Check out the below listed webshops where you can find thank you cards to send to your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. You can design your own thank you card containing a personal photo. So check out the webshops listed below and order your thank you cards easily and safe online.

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Birth – More and more parents are sending thank you cards after a birth, and why not? You can thank all visitors for their gifts and appearance by sending them a tank you card with a nice picture of the baby implemented in the card.

Funeral – There are several ways to thank people for the support they gave you after the death of your loved one. The most common and easiest way is to send them a thank you card. The acknowledgments are usually sent about six weeks after the funeral or cremation . Below are some tips for you to consider before sending these acknowledgments:

  • Start your gratitude with a sentence that expresses your gratitude, such as: “For your interest and sympathy which we received from you after the death of my / our (husband / wife / father / mother, etc.).
  • Mention the name of the deceased.
  • Below that, you write what this support has meant for you.
  • Signature (you can select multiple names, but you can also choose to suffice: ‘Johnson Family’.
  • Place and date.

Wedding – Sending out a personal thank you card to the guests who stopped by on your wedding day and gave you beautiful wedding gifts, is of course a very nice idea. You can send them a beautiful wedding picture in the form of a thank you card, to show how much you appreciated their appearance and gift.

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Other Occasions – You can also thank someone for their care during your illness, their help in organizing a party, your teacher for the great year or years in her / his class, or any other reason. Just check out the above listed web shops and order your beautiful and original thank you cards easily and affordable online.

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