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Are you looking for a cheap new (mobile) phone? Are you looking for a new subscription for your current telephone or do you want a prepaid telephone, because you do not want to be tied to a subscription? Of course, you may also want to try a different provider or operating system. The websites below offer you cheap phones, phone plans, and phone accessories. So take your time and compare the prices and options with the different providers.

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Cheap Phones

Cheap Phones

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Subscription/Prepaid/Sim Only

Subscription – If you want stability and at a low price, or in some cases a free new phone, then a mobile subscription is of course the best solution for you. For example, you pay a fixed amount every month to be able to call, text messages, and use the internet. You can also choose from various subscriptions, such as per year with only calls and SMS messages where you pay a fixed number of SMS minutes for example (if you exceed this you have to pay extra for those SMS messages, so keep this well in mind the holes), or two years with calling and texting and mobile internet, where you can make unlimited calls and text messages and where you pay for an internet data bundle, so for example 1 GB per month with limited bandwidth. So you can use the internet up to a maximum of 1 GB of data traffic per month.

Prepaid – You pay for a fixed number of calling minutes, but you have to buy a telephone yourself at the normal price. You can also opt for prepaid internet for your mobile. Then you can use the internet on your mobile phone for a fixed amount.

Sim Only – You only pay for a SIM card with a subscription without a mobile phone. So if you are satisfied with your current phone, this is a good solution for you. Please note that your phone must be sim lock free! You can request an unlock code from your provider to unlock your current mobile phone.

Operating Systems

For the current smartphones you can choose from a few different operating systems (= the part that controls your phone):

  • Apple has the operating system iOS that they developed and which only runs on an iPhone.
  • Google has the operating system Android (developed by Android Inc and acquired by Google) which is open source (so anyone can adjust this). There are a lot of mobile phones that use the Android operating system and that is why the choice is larger.
  • Nokia has its own operating system called Symbian. This is an old partnership between Nokia, Ericsson, Panasonic, and Samsung and nowadays, it only runs on Nokia mobile phones.
  • RIM (Research in Motion) has developed the BlackBerry OS operating system for their BlackBerry mobile phones and this only runs on a BlackBerry.
  • Windows has developed the “Windows Phone” operating system, and it also runs on various brands of mobile phones.

Cheap Telephone Subscription

Accessories are of course also important for your mobile phones, such as adapters, headsets, cables, hands-free units, and chargers. In addition, there are of course also protective cases for your telephone, batteries, and memory cards. As you can see, there is plenty of choices to enjoy your mobile phone even more. If you have just bought a new phone, don’t forget to take out insurance. Please visit our insurance page to immediately take out insurance for your phone.

We wish you a lot of fun with your subscription and/or new telephone!

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