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Buy a second-hand car, boat, cd, computer, film, game, clothing, motorcycle, toy, tv or any item from one of the websites below. But you can also sell second-hand items such as your books, camera, caravan, electronics, bicycle, laptop, mobile phone, printer or scooter. Then place your 2nd hand advertisement for free at one or more websites below.

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Car & Auto Parts – If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a car, check the sites mentioned above to buy a good used car. Moreover, you can also go there for parts such as batteries, tires, engines, rims and lighting. You can of course also sell your car, boat, moped, camper, bicycle, scooter or truck online.

Computer – Buy or sell your iPad, laptop, notebook, PC, printer or scanner at the aforementioned websites …

Clothing – Do you want to get rid of baby or children’s clothing? Offer it now easily and quickly 2nd hand on the aforementioned websites, because you will certainly be able to make many people happy with this. In addition to these types of clothing, you can of course also find women’s clothing, men’s clothing, costumes, winter clothing, summer clothing and much more …

Movies – Buy or sell your films on blu-ray, DVD or even on an old video tape easily now at the websites mentioned above. So if you have been looking for that one top movie for a long time and you can’t find it anywhere, then quickly check if it isn’t somewhere else!

Toys – If you don’t want to spend too much money for the birthday or Christmas of your children, buying second-hand toys online may be the solution. You can’t think of it that way or you’ll find it 2nd hand online: Barbie, outdoor toys, Duplo, stuffed animals, LEGO, Playmobil, dolls and much more. And if you want to get rid of your second-hand toys, you can of course also come here …

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Telephone – No money for a new (mobile) telephone? Then look for a second-hand mobile phone, because why pay a lot if you can buy a good BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy or another mobile phone second-hand and therefore cheap …

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