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Nowadays you don’t have to leave the house to buy your school supplies. At JPR Shop you can easily order from various cheap online providers and choose from the largest selection of school supplies in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA.

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Cheap School Supplies

Cheap School Supplies

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In addition to school bags, you can also find planners, covers, notebooks, cases, calculators, markers, pens, USB sticks, calipers, geo-triangles, ring binders, and labels. In short, all the school items that you can imagine. Buy all your school supplies online in a few clicks instead of wasting hours in the store. And if you have forgotten something, you can of course always order it later. Buying online is also easy when the holiday is over and you are busy with school again.

Binders – Both on this page and on our office items page you can find 23-ring binders, storage folders, orders and writing folders.

Dictionaries & Atlases – You will certainly need a dictionary (Oxford, Webster’s) for your Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish or other language course and you will probably need a Large atlas for the Geography course. Order it at one of the webshops above or visit our Book Page.

Office Accessories – Find office supplies, pouches, globes, staplers, pen holders, hole sharpeners, pencil sharpeners, calculators, scissors and writing sets here or on our page.

School Bags – What should not be missed is a good sturdy school bag. You can easily and quickly order handy backpacks and shoulder bags from brands such as Adventurebags, Bjorn Borg Case Logic, Eastpak, Gabbag, Kipling, O’Neill, Replay, SOHO and Vans online.

School Books – You can also visit this page for your primary school books, exam books. If you cannot find them here you can always try your luck on our page for Books.

School Planners – Whether you choose a school planner of a certain brand or, on the contrary, a hip, small or neutral school planner. The websites mentioned above have a wide range. With a choice of hundreds of different school planners, there is certainly a planner for you!

Cheap School Stuff

Stationery & Pouches – Order pouches in all colors, sizes and brands such as Eastpak, Kipling, Little Diva, O’Neill, Replay, Samsonnite and Supertrash from the above-mentioned providers. You can also go there for colored pencils, pens (incl. Parkers), pencils and markers.

You can also check out site for your new bike to go to school, rain suits for the harsh days, a good laptop, fun student trips or for organizing a school party.

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