You no longer need to leave your home to go to a pharmacy. You can now get your products easy and affordable online, like products for slimming, health (including medications), sexuality, sport and care. Just visit the webstores listed below and order your products safe and fast online.


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Slimming – Are you planning to really lose weight this year, but you want to do it in a healthy and wise way? Feel free to visit the above pharmacies because they offer the right supplements for you to lose weight while not suffering from hunger, lethargy or fatigue. The assortment includes slimming clothes, capsules, drops, diet products and also complete and sugar-free meals, meal replacements (drinks, puddings, shakes), products for problem areas (cream, gel, mud), teas and vitamins.


Baby & Pregnant – At the above listed pharmacies you can also buy baby items and maternity products. They offer baby food, diapers and personal care (including Vaseline and Pural Zwitsal talc). Pregnant women can, for example order folate and skin oil. You can even order pregnancy and fertility test for both men and women at the above listed on-line pharmacies. For more articles and services for babies and pregnancy you can also visit our birth page.

Make-Up – The above listed pharmacies also offer cheap blush, eye liner  foundation, lip gloss, lipstick, make-up removers, mascara (including waterproof), nail polish and eyebrow pencil. But you can also get your make-up accessories like a carry case, make-up box / case, cosmetic mirror, powder brush, pencil sharpener or toiletry, at the above on-line pharmacies easily and safe.

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