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Are you looking for pet supplies for your (domestic) animals, such as a toy for your dog, food for your cat, straw for your rodents, saddles for your horses, a terrarium for your reptiles, a bowl for your fish or a cage for your birds and all of this at the lowest prices?

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Cheap Pet Supplies

Cheap Pet Supplies

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Dogs – Order your dry and wet dog food (including Pedigree, Prins, Pro Lan and Royal Canin), baskets, brushes, clothes, pillows, toys, boxes & bags, collars (leashes, harnesses), food and water containers at the above listed pet shops at low prices.

Medicines – For almost every pet, the above listed pet shops offer medicines such as anti-nibble, diarrhea inhibitors, nerve tablets, eye ointment / drops, anti-hairball and ear drops. They also offer pesticides against fleas, worms and ticks, which are available in powder, tablet and spray form.

Cats – For your cat these pet shops offer cat food and snacks (Fokker, Gourmet, Kittekat, Whiskas), cat shutters, scratching posts, transport baskets, litter trays and cat litter (Cat & Clean, Catsan, Classy Cat, Kitty Friend).

Rodents – For your guinea pig, fred, hamster, rabbit or other rodent, online pet shops offer houses, cages, toys, bedding (hay, wood, straw), toilet and food (Alfamix, Faunaland, Gerty, Vita Verde).

Horses – Do you have a horse or several horses and are you looking for cheap horse items? Then you are at the right address here, because you can go here for rider supplies (riding clothing such as caps, gloves, boots, breeches, shoes, whips, competition equipment and saddles), care products (brushes, shampoos and hay nets) and riding accessories (bandages, blankets, halters, saddle cover, earrings and stirrups).

Cheap Pet Food

Reptiles – For your snakes, turtles, lizards and other reptiles, the pet stores on our website include lamp fittings, ground cover (earth, sand, moss), medication, terrariums and food (crickets, snails, grasshoppers).

Fishes – If you are a fan of fish and you have a small or large aquarium or you want to buy a new one, then you are at the right place at the above listed pet shops. You can also go there for cheap filters, pumps, fish food (Adori, Excellent, Tetra), lighting, gravel, decoration and products for water care. In addition, they also have gear for your fish if you have a small pond in your yard, like landing nets, aeration and other pond equipment.

Birds – If you are into birds, you can also visit these online pet shops, which offer bird cages, accessories for the cage, nesting material (brood boxes, litters, bird houses), fat balls and other feed (pigeon feed, grain, mealworms, muesli, parakeet seed) and many other bird necessities.

Do You Need to Insure Your Pet?

Just like people, pets can get a condition like hereditary disorders, but also, for example, illnesses due to old age or an accident. When your pet gets a condition, the costs can soon increase to thousands of British Pound / Dollars / Euros. So if you really care about your animals, but don’t want to risk getting in debt for paying the animal doctor bills, you better make sure that you have insurance for your pet.