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At the webstores listed on our website you can buy complete kitchens and an extensive collection of kitchen accessories like stainless tale pans, kitchen machines of all brands, large and small ovens, electric hobs, sinks in all sizes and luxury cutlery for both home and for your catering facility at very cheap prices. You can also go there for your household appliances like coolers, refrigerators, dishwashers and freezers. So check out the web stores listed below and buy your kitchen appliances easily and affordable online.

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Barbecue – Are you enjoying the summer and do you want to have a nice barbecue in your garden or at the camp site you are on? Check out the listed web shops on our site where you can buy the latest and best barbecues and barbecue accessories (lighter, brush, cover, brush, thermometer) at affordable prices.

Cutlery – Are you looking for new cutlery for your own home, or do you want to buy a cutlery set and give that as a gift to a newly wed couple? The shops listen on our website have all kinds of cutlery and cutlery sets. From stainless steel cutlery sets to plastic children’s cutlery, a salad set, steak knives, from classical to modern and from Sola to WMF and Amefa. Whether you want to cut a sandwich or a tournedos , they sell cutlery for very affordable prices, so feel free to check out the online web shops listed on our website.

Hoods – Are you looking for a good hood for your kitchen to get rid of all the fumes while cooking? Check out the listed webstores on our website where you will find mounting hoods, chimney hoods from standard brands like Baumatic, Bosch, Siemens and Whirlpool.

Beer Tap – Are you looking for a home tap to draft beer in your home, a cafe or other public place, then you have come to the right place. The providers listed on this website offer taps with small and large cask volumes and with the luxury models you can adjust the volume and read the temperature off a display.

Kitchen Supplies

Blenders & Shakers – Do you want to make your own delicious milkshakes and smoothies? This can be easily done with any blender and shaker which can be bought at most online kitchen stores. You can buy the latest blenders and shakers where you can adjust the speed to get the best results.

Grill & Ovens – Are you looking for a grill with a large or small surface for your home, your restaurant or do you want to grill in the garden or a public park? Just visit the various shops listed on our website and compare prices. They offer grills with one or more plates (+ Teflon) from brands like Bestron, Princess and Weber.

Fondue & Raclette – Are you planning to use the public holidays to go fondue or raclette and are you still looking for a (chocolate, cheese, meat) fondue or raclette? Visit the online web stores listed on our site because they offer those at very affordable prices.

Kitchen Mixers – At the online web stores listed on our website you can find various mixers such as: hand mixers, hand blenders, combi mixers and drink mixers. A hand mixer is especially suited for beating, mixing and kneading. Useful for the preparation of batter and dough. Almost every hand mixer comes with beaters and dough hooks. You can easily transform your hand mixer by attaching a separate dough hook into a dough mixer. A blender is used for blending, puréeing and cutting (of vegetables). This can be very useful for preparing soups, sauces and baby food. A combi mixer combines the functions of a hand mixer and blender. Depending on which function you want, you can switch beaters and dough hooks or a mixer element on the mixer set. The drink mixer is for mixing cocktails and other beverages.

Microwave Ovens – A Kitchen without a microwave oven is almost impossible to imagine in modern cuisine. Incidentally, there are many different types of microwave ovens, for example there is a choice between a solo microwave oven, and a combo microwave oven and there are free-standing or built-in microwave ovens. In addition, the composition of your family and cooking habits are points of interest in comparing the microwave ovens at the online stores listed on our website before you decide to purchase a new microwave oven.

Cheap Kitchen Supplies

Coffee Machines – For a delicious cup of coffee in the morning or during the day, you’re going to need a good coffee machine or coffee and these can be ordered cheap and easily on the web shops listed on our website. They sell coffee machines from brands like DeLonghi, Philips, Krups and Siemens and you can even buy your coffee pods or coffee beans and have them delivered at your home.

Pots and Pans – Are you looking for a cheap pot, or several pans for your kitchen and do you want to order those easily online? Just check out the online web shops listed on our site where you will find a wide range of saucepans, frying pans, grill pans, and complete cooking utensils. They also offer several convenient pans like, a big stockpot, a wok or a cast iron pancake pan. You can even buy square grill pans and oval fish dishes for affordable prices.

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