Islamic Clothing

The web shops listed below offer traditional Islamic clothing and modest fashion for women, men and children. The collections consists of Islamic clothing from the Middle East; Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world.

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 Islamic Clothing

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The aforementioned web stores offer the latest styles of Abaya, Thobes, Jilbab, Maxi dresses, Pakistani dresses and more. The collections also include stylish Hijab scarves, beautiful Al Amirah hijabs, shayla scarves, niqab and burqa veils, Kuwaiti Hijabs, Khaleeji Abaya, Dishdasha, Niqabs and more.

Islamic Clothing Women

The web stores have a large assortment of Islamic clothing and Islamic fashion for women. Because most clothing comes directly from the Middle East and the entire Islamic world, they can offer quality clothing at the lowest possible prices. The online stores have a wide variety of modest styles and patterns in sizes from small to large. They offer collections for all seasons in different fabrics. Goods, cotton and rayons with natural fibers are available. You will certainly succeed here for new clothing for a Wedding, Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr.

Islamic Clothing Gentlemen

The web shops mentioned above also offer authentic traditional imported Islamic Clothing for men. They get the clothing directly from the Middle East and Pakistan. There are different styles and patterns available in sizes from Small to 4X. The collections are available for all seasons and weather conditions. You can also choose from a variety of fabrics; Natural fiber wool, cotton and Rayon mixed products.

Islamic Clothing Children

Islamic clothing for Muslim girls and boys can also be found on these websites. Girls can find, among other things, an Abaya, Hijab or prayer clothing and boys a Thobe, headwear and a Salwar Kameez.

Islamic Fashion

Prayer Rugs

The web stores also offer prayer rugs imported from all over the Islamic world. The rugs come in a wide range of prints and colors, as well as quality classes from standard to superior. Sizes of single, miniature and extra large person are available. The rugs are great for everyday use and the premium rugs are excellent gifts for any occasion.


You can choose from different types of headscarves here:

Hijab – This is a headscarf where only the hair is covered. The face and body are completely free when wearing the hijab.
Khimar – This also means “cape” in Arabic, because the khimar has the shape of a cape. The khimar is very similar to the hijab, only the khimar is a lot longer. The khimar covers not only the hair, but also the neck, shoulders, bosom and parts of the arms. The face of the Muslim woman is completely visible in the khimar.
Chador – This is a Persian robe. The chador ensures that the entire body is covered and you can no longer see any female forms. The face of the chador remains uncovered.
Niqab – This is a veil that covers the entire face except the eyes. Some nikaabs cover the shoulders and the bosom as well as the face. The nikaab consists of one piece of fabric and is often colored dark. The nikaab can be worn in combination with a hijab or a chador.
Burka – This is the most covering clothing in Islam, because the entire body including the eyes is covered. In front of the eyes there is a gauze through which the woman can look through, but she herself cannot be seen by others. The burqa is an Afghan version of the chador.

Dhikr Beads

Dhikr beads and Muslim prayer cords are also known as tasbih beads. You can order them through our mentioned sites in different styles and materials. These beads are traditionally used in reciting Asma al-Husna (99 names of Allah). The collections contain different styles in different colors and patterns. Materials such as glass, stone, acrylic, wood and more are used to make these beads. The aforementioned web stores offer different styles, from simple to excellent quality.

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