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This category offers you everything that has to do with living and housing, as the online stores in this category offer you bedding, wallpaper, bathrooms, tools, lamps, furniture, paintings, paint, swimming pools and much more. Moreover, there is a category where you can buy or sell a house or can hire or rent out your own home.

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 Cheap Home Products

Cheap Home Products and Garden Products

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Light in the Box
Best Heating

Buy & Sell and Rent & Lease

In this category you can either buy a house or sell a house, or rent or lease a house. At the below listed websites you can easily lease an apartment, garage, house, room, office, studio or villa in for example in Detroit, Manchester, San Francisco, Ottawa or Wellington and you can even rent or buy a house at the websites mentioned below.

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Are you looking for furniture for a new arrangement of your house or for your new home? Take a look at the below listed web stores for cheap and nice sofas, beds, cabinets, chairs, (dining) tables and many other furniture for the baby room, bathroom, hallway, nursery, kitchen, guest room, bedroom and living room.

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Furniture in Fashion


Do you have a garden and are you looking for garden furniture like complete lounge sets? Then you will surely succeed at the online stores listed below. Outside the standard garden furniture you can also order inexpensive covers, blowers / vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, umbrellas, gazebos, garden cushions, articles for a pond, swimming pools and many other garden items.

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Garden Buildings

Cheap Garden Products
Home Accessories

Below you will find nice and attractive decoration at various discount websites for bathroom accessories, coat racks, clocks, lamps, waste baskets and toiletries.

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AliExpress Dartington Crystal

Other Requirements

You can check the above listed web stores for wallpaper, paint, carpets and solar panels. You can also get offers from paperhangers, roofers, electricians and painters.

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