Are you throwing a Halloween party at your home, club or work and are you looking for decorations (such as skulls, skeletons and spiders) and dress up clothes? That’s no problem, because below you can find cheap Halloween costumes at various online stores. One Halloween costume is even scarier than the other.

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Cheap Halloween Costumes
You can choose from vampire costumes, witch costumes, zombie costumes, ghost costumes and costumes from the movies. Moreover, you can buy or sell these on our second-hand goods page. So check out the providers listed below and buy your Halloween costume or decorations safely and fast online.

Halloween Decorations and Props

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Light in the Box

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated mainly in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. On October 31, children dress up and go around the neighborhood when its dark and visit houses with pumpkins and lights and call trick or treat, given the choice between a teasing lash out or get a treat (usually candy). The residents give mostly the children sweets.

Halloween Decorations

The name “Halloween” is derived from Hallow-e’en, or All Hallows Eve (All Saints Eve), the night before All Saints’ Day (November 1). In the Celtic calendar the year began on November 1, so October 31 was New Year’s Eve. The harvest was in, the seed for the next year was ready and so there was time for a day off, the Celtic New Year or Samhain (pronounced Saun, is the Irish word for the month of November).

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