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You have come to the right place for cheap online ordering of food and drinks, because via our website you can order beer, Chinese food, breakfast, pizza, sandwiches, shawarma, wine and much more easily and quickly. Moreover, at some of the websites on this page you can easily and cheaply reserve a table at a good restaurant in your area.

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Food and Drinks

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Do you not feel like going out the door and do you not feel like preparing food? That is not a problem, because whether you live in London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney or Toronto you can order your hamburgers, pizza, shawarma or spare ribs cheaply and simply from the websites above. You have also come to the right place for oriental dishes such as Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. Maybe you are having a party and you don’t feel like taking care of the food yourself, then you can also order your sushi or tapas easily and cheaply from these websites. Do you want to surprise someone with a breakfast in bed or do you want to order a lunch for a meeting at work? This is also not a problem!

Dining Out
If you want to go out for dinner or treat someone to a dinner, look at the websites below to reserve a table cheaply and easily at a restaurant in your area, because it does not matter to them whether you live in Chicago, Houston, Liverpool, Melbourne, or Montreal. It also doesn’t matter if you want to have a luxury dinner (incl. Michelin Stars) or just at a simple cafe. You can reserve a table below at an All You Can Eat restaurant, Argentinian restaurant (grill / steakhouse), bistro, lunchroom (incl. High Tea), wok restaurant and many other eateries.

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Liquor Store
Do you want to order drinks for a birthday or just to have a supply in stock? Or do you want to treat your staff and / or customers with a bottle of champagne or wine? Then look at the websites below, because these inexpensive liquor stores also offer beer, cognac, gin, liqueur, sherry, vieux and whiskey. You will also find drinks such as Bacardi, gin, rum, tequila and vodka to make a delicious cocktail.

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Coffee & Tea
For anyone who wants to order coffee or tea online quickly and cheaply, our below mentioned webshops offer you the option. For coffee lovers they offer capsules (Dolce Gusto, DE, Nespresso), ground coffee (Jolly Caffè, Caffè Kimbo), coffee beans (Bristot, Hesselink, Illy), coffee pods (Segafredo, Senseo) and coffee machines for delicious caffelette, cappuccino, espresso, Latte Macchiato, lungo and ristretto.
For tea lovers, they offer complete tea boxes, Chinese tea, earl gray, green tea, jasmine tea, herbal tea, rooibos and white tea from brands such as Dilmah, Lipton, Pickwick, Revolution Tea and Twinings. In addition, you can order tea machines and kettles from the webstores on our website.

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Food and Beverage

Have a Picnic
Is the weather nice and do you want to go out into nature for a romantic picnic? Then of course you need a cooler bag, picnic blanket, picnic basket or picnic bag and how do you order it differently than at the web shops listed below?

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