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Are you looking for flowers or plants for your garden, a beautiful bouquet for a birthday or Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for a funeral piece or bulbs to hand out as a gift? Just check out the following online flower shops listed below, because they offer beautiful flowers and plants at competitive prices.

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Bulbs announce the spring and you want your garden to look cheerful and colored of course. Plant the bulbs of hyacinths, lilies, crocuses, daffodils and tulips in the autumn in groups in your garden or pots on your patio and balcony. The bulbs of the above shops are of a high quality and can be ordered easily online.

Bouquet & Flower Arrangement

The above mentioned flower shops offer a nice selection of bouquets for you to choose from. Whether you want a ‘regular’ round bouquet, a modern bouquet, exotic bouquet, a group bouquet or a bouquet of seasonal flowers, everything is possible. So feel free to order a bridal bouquet, Christmas bouquet, bouquet for a birthday, just a bouquet for the home or a bouquet of roses for valentine’s day, cheap and easily at these shops.


Order your plants now cheap and easily online at the above flower shops. Nowadays there is really no difference between the plants you buy directly at a normal flower shop or the ones ordered online. Furthermore, the choice of plants at the online flower shops is often much bigger as well. This includes outdoor plants, indoor plants, creepers, ferns and soil.

Funeral Flowers

Are you still not sure what the best funeral arrangement is, that you can order from one of the above flower shops? Perhaps the following explanation helps out:

– Mourning piece: This is usually a round piece with a diameter of 30 to 40 cm. The flowers are evenly distributed over the arrangement. These funeral flowers are often (other) ordered for deceased relatives or friends as a last salute.

– Funeral arrangement: An arrangement of funeral flowers in a teardrop shape, modern straight lines or diamond shape. These funeral flowers are often ordered by direct family members or good friends as a last salute and are almost always laid on or near the casket at the condolences.

– Funeral bouquet: Also called sympathy bouquet, this is a lying bouquet. They are addressed and sent directly to a loved one of the deceased. They are usually smaller floral arrangements that decorate end tables or can be used as a centerpiece in the family home. This bouquet is mostly ordered by friends living further away, but also sent by companies to their employees who have lost a loved one to let them know they sympathize with them.

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– Wreath: Wreaths are commonly laid at the tombs of soldiers and at memorial cenotaphs during Memorial Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies. Wreaths may also be laid in memory of persons lost at sea, either from an accident or due to navy action. In a memorial service at sea, the wreath is lowered to the water and set adrift. A wreath can also be ordered by companies who lost a leading employee.

Traditional funeral flowers include white roses, lilies, carnations and callas. If the deceased has never liked one of the before mentioned flowers, you can always opt for other flowers.

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