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Due to COVID-19, the demand for face masks, or medical masks has increased worldwide since 2020 and that causes some shortages of some face masks in some countries. The websites below offer both the cheap disposable face masks and the more expensive medical masks, so check out the webshops listed below and get your face masks at low prices!

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Face Masks

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Cheap Face Masks

Broadly speaking, we distinguish 3 types of face masks (or medical masks). Healthcare uses respiratory protection masks (FFP masks) and medical face masks (also called surgical masks). There are also non-medical face masks.

FFP Masks (filtering facepiece particles masks) protect the wearer from airborne dust particles and viruses. They come in 3 categories: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. A higher number indicates a higher degree of protection.

Medical Face Masks mainly protect others from contamination by the wearer of the mask. For example, they can play a role in preventing the virus from spreading. In addition, these masks protect the wearer against splashing liquid.

Non-Medical Face Masks are homemade or commercially produced masks. These are often made of fabric, other textiles or paper. These masks are not standardized and are not suitable for use in healthcare.

Create Your Own Face Mask

You can also easily make a face mask yourself. For example, you can use an old T-shirt, or a handkerchief or even a sock. But don’t forget: a self-made mouth mask is of course no substitute for a face mask that meets the medical requirements. A face mask should be changed every four hours and then washed at 90 degrees or it should be cooked briefly in a pan that is only intended for this purpose.

What do you need?

You don’t need much to make a face mask yourself. The basic items are:

  • A piece of fabric (handkerchief, t-shirt, etc.).
  • Rope, elastic or yarn.
  • A filter (vacuum cleaner bag, coffee filter or the like).

Cheap Face Masks

How do you make a Face Mask yourself?

Making a mouth mask yourself is easy to do. You can make your own in a few simple steps:

  • Fold or cut a piece of fabric to size.
  • Make a filter part in the facve mask.
  • Make sure you can attach the yarn or elastic in two places.

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