Are you looking for a new dress, but don’t want to spend too much money on it? Feel free to check out the online stores listed below where you can buy beautiful dresses for girls and women. They offer cheap evening dresses, baby dresses, blouse dresses, cocktail dresses, knitted ones, prom ones, denim ones, short ones, long ones and gowns.

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This page is the right place for you, if you don’t want to go out to the busy stores in the city or town you live in. Most stores have an online web store where you can choose from a large collection of dresses and compare prices, between the different online stores as well to get the best deal. Many online stores, also have special deals, especially for their web shop, so feel free to check out their special deals pages.
Especially for you, we also created a list of lesser known and smaller clothing stores that sell their clothing online, so check out the merchants listed below, to get an even better deal for your new dress. Most of the times, they sell the same dresses as the larger well known stores, but at lower prices!

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 Chesca Direct

Baby Clothes – Visit our babysite for cute, and adorable dresses at an affordable price. You can also visit this page, if you are looking for car seats, baby monitors, baby strollers, furniture for the nursery and maternity wear.

Business Dresses – If you want to look professional and stylish and still want to project femininity, then check out the merchants listed above, that offer the best looking and comfortable business dresses. With a business dress you always make a good first impression. Because business dresses can be worn at work or at fancy dinner parties, at weddings and other formal events, business dresses are the best choice of clothing that you can make as a woman.

Evening Dresses – These are distinguished from other dresses that are worn during the day by the way it looks and the material they are made from. The dresses have an haute couture look, like you see in magazines like vogue and the material is more luxurious and is more detailed (think of embroidery, beads and sequins). When wearing an evening dress the role of jewelry should not be forgotten, because they provide extra glamor. The choice of material for evening gowns is huge. From the more expensive fabrics to the cheaper synthetic materials such as polyester. There are even evening dresses in mohair and cashmere available. You can also check out the merchants on this page if you are looking for an elegant cocktail dress or evening gown.

Summer Clothing – Are you looking for bright and provocative dresses that can be worn during hot summer months? Then you will surely succeed at the online stores listed above. Summer dresses can be directly identified by the combination of materials and prints. They consist of lightweight materials that keep you cool and comfortable during a hot day at work or on vacation.

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Wedding – Visit our Wedding Planner for the best and cheapest wedding dresses. You can also go there for your wedding gifts, honeymoon, wedding invitations and other wedding items.

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