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Are you looking for DJ Gear and DJ Equipment for both light and sound? Then you are certainly at the right place, because below are listed several cheap suppliers where you can go, for example, for a mixer, DJ mixer, flight case, record bag, needles, headphones and speaker.

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DJ Equipment

Cheap DJ Equipment

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The above-mentioned suppliers offer you DJ equipment from all well-known brands DJ and P.A. equipment such as Pioneer, Dateq, Denon, Technics, Numark, Stanton, Reloop, Gemini, Dap Audio, Showtec, American audio, Jb Systems, Citronic, Power Dynamics and many other good brands.

DJ Equipment – A real DJ can not do without a good turntable, DJ mixer, CD players, DJ set, DJ effect processor and headphones. In addition to these items, you can also order DJ furniture from the aforementioned providers, such as a Truss table, Sefour record tower, portable DJ stand, laptop bracket and a bull bar.

Public Address Systems – For inexpensive and good amplifiers, speakers, megaphones and microphones, you can also contact most of the reliable suppliers mentioned above.

P.A. Equipment – In this section with the various online providers of P.A. equipment you will find everything you need to amplify a drive-in show, DJ, band artist or orchestra. For example, order very cheap amplifiers, P.A. mixers, P.A. speakers, in-ear monitoring, wireless microphones, tripods, limiters and monotoring.

DJ Gear
Lighting & Lighting Effects – To complete your drive-in or disco, you should also consider the lighting and lighting effects. So compare the different scanners, moving heads, mirror balls, dimmer packs, switch packs, DMX light tables, DMX boosters & splitters, DMX light effects, LED light effects, strobes, black lights & luminaires. You will also find good stage and theater lighting here.

VJ Products – Are you a VJ or would you like to become a VJ? Order cheap and fast your VJ player, VJ mixer, projection screen, beamer, pixel screen and VJ software via this page.

Flight Cases – Do you travel a lot with your drive-in? Then of course you want everything to arrive safely. So order cheap flight cases for video equipment, P.A., DJ gear, lighting and cases for microphones here.

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