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A desktop PC is often used as a family computer, media player or just to play games. A desktop pc for the internet, Microsoft Office and e-mail needs less power and speed than a computer for theprofessional or gamer. The gaming pc has a fast video card. A mini pc takes up little space. With an all-in-one desktop, the computer is integrated into the screen. This takes up little space.

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The all-in-one pc is suitable for many purposes, from editing photos and videos to watching Full HD movies and working with programs such as Microsoft Office. Specific all-in-ones are even suitable for the professional or gamer and are available in different inch sizes, with different types of processors, and with SSD storage for even more speed.

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Computer Desks – A computer desk, or computer table, is characterized by an extendable tabletop on which a keyboard can be placed. Some computer desks also have a stand on which you can put your computer case. Nowadays, people often work with a laptop and a separate screen, so computer furniture offers the space for this as well. Computer desks are often compact and sometimes mobile.

Computer Components – At the above online shops you can also order backups, housings, CPU coolers, memory modules, sound cards, cooling, motherboards, processors, RAM, and video cards.

Computer Sound – With the right pc speakers you can even enjoy good music and movies on your computer or laptop. From compact models that take up little space to surround sound PC speakers that provide a total experience. A 2.0 speaker set consists of 2 speakers, where a 2.1 speaker set also has a subwoofer. You will experience the total surround sound experience with a 5.1 speaker set, with 5 satellite speakers and a subwoofer.
A computer headset is necessary if you want to have an online conversation that is clearly audible. You can choose from wired headsets and wireless headsets. Wired headsets have an inline microphone built into the wire or a rotatable microphone attached to the headset. Wireless headsets have a rotatable microphone on the headset or a built-in microphone in the ear pad. The volume of headphones can be adjusted on the headset itself or via the volume control on the wire.

Game Computers – Do you like to play games at the highest video quality? Then choose a game pc with a powerful video card, equipped with a fast processor, sufficient RAM, and SSD storage. A good video card is the most important and guarantees the most beautiful graphics and lightning-fast, smooth images. Do you like to play the latest games? Then choose a gaming PC with at least a GTX 1650 video card. For the latest games, we recommend a computer with at least an RTX 2060.

PC AccessoriesLaptops – There is a huge selection of laptops. So first consider what you want to use your laptop for, and then you will easily find the laptop that suits you. For example, do you mainly want to play games or edit videos? Then you need a powerful processor. Are you mainly on the road with your laptop? Then a small size of up to 14 inches is useful. Do you want to work in multiple programs at the same time? Then go for larger working memory. By considering all this, you will find a laptop that suits you completely.

PC Accessories – Almost all computers or computer systems are equipped with peripherals. In practice, this refers to all equipment that is linked to the computer. Think of mice, keyboards, webcams, drawing tablets, speakers, headsets, microphones, and docking stations.

Printers – On the page for the sale of cheap printers you will find web stores that sell the following brands of printers: Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, and Xerox. Visit our Ink and Toners page if you want to order this for an affordable price.

Scanners – Are you looking for a scanner for your home, photo studio, or office? The stores above have a wide range of different types of scanners, such as document scanners, slide scanners, and mobile scanners.

Tablets – These come in all shapes and sizes. There are tablets smaller than 7 inches, but also larger than 12 inches. It is good to determine what you want to use the tablet for. If you want to use the tablet a lot on the go, you may prefer a smaller tablet than if you are only going to use it at home on the couch. If you work a lot on your tablet, it is useful to look at a 2-in-1 laptop. This has a tilting screen and can be used as a tablet and laptop.

Software – Software is essential for your computer: it is everything that is needed to work with the computer that is not physically tangible (everything that is physically tangible is hardware). Important software is the operating system (e.g. Windows) or security software (anti-virus). Some software, such as Microsoft Office is also almost indispensable if you use the pc for work or school. But there is much more: think of photo editing software, courses, and design software, for example.

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