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In one of the below listed web shops you can easily order cigarettes, cigars, (disposable), e-cigarettes and tobacco. At some sites, you can also buy your smoking accessories such as a cigarette lighter, ashtray, sleeves toppers, pipe, evaporators, flow and a water pipe. But if you just want to quit smoking, then some of those websites also provide you with help. So check out the below listed web shops, and order your cigarettes easily and safe online.

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More and more cigarette shops disappear from the street, but don’t panic! You can still buy your pack or carton of Caballero, Camel, Gauloises, Kent, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Peter Stuyvesant, Western or other brands of cigarettes at the above mentioned online cigarette shops. However, if you find cigarettes too expensive, then of course you can always make your own cigarettes, saving you money each month. You will only need tobacco and a cigarette machine, for making the cigarettes yourself.


Using an electric cigarette is the best option if you are not allowed to smoke at work or in public buildings and places. An e-cigarette is a healthier alternative for tobacco cigarettes because there are no combustion products involved. Many smokers also use them as a substitute or a meaning to quit smoking. At most online cigar shops you can go for brands like Cookie, Jiksu, Joyetech, Koko (Black and Whyte) and Maxi.

Cheap CigarettesQuit smoking?

Addiction to nicotine is the main reason why people continue smoking. Quitting smoking is hard, but not impossible, and maybe some of the websites listed above can help you to quit smoking. If you can’t find the solution there, you can visit your local drugstore for example, which sells nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine tablets.

Tips for quitting smoking:

• Quitting smoking is difficult. Therefore it is important that you prepare for it properly, because it is not something you can do in a few days or weeks.
• Choose a quit date.
• Think about what you will do in difficult situations.
• Think about how you deal with withdrawal symptoms.
• Choose a way that suits you. Talk and read about it. Use support and optionally aids and medications.
• Your doctor can assist you with this.

WARNING: Smoking Can Kill You!

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