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Are you looking for a cable for your HDMI connection or port, or are you looking for a cable to charge your mobile, or are you looking for many meters of cable for a large event or festival; you have come to the right place for all cables and connections at the electronics stores listed below. From simple plugs to professional cable bridges. Everything can be ordered directly online and is delivered quickly in most cases, depending on the size of the order.

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Cheap Cables

Cheap Cables

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Antenna & Satellite – Everything for antenna and satellite signal processing can be found on this page. You can also order an F-connector (also called F-plug) range, antenna amplifiers and coax cables from the online shops mentioned above.

Audio – Audio is often connected with a jack cable. The most common jack plugs are 3.5mm and 6.35mm. The 3.5mm audio jack connection can be found on car radios, telephones and MP3 players, for example. An audio jack 3.5mm audio cable is often used to connect a telephone or MP3 player to a car radio.


Car – The electronics stores mentioned above offer you a wide range of cables of all types and sizes for almost any type of car, such as speaker cables, cable eyes, car radio cables and much more.

Computer – At the aforementioned online electrical stores you can find cheap (USB) cables for your computer, iPad, laptop and notebook. For your other equipment, such as printers and scanners, you can visit our Computers page for both new and used computers, printers, scanners and many other computer supplies.

Game Console – The cheapest cables for your Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Xbox can be ordered online quickly and easily here. Visit our Games page for new and used consoles and games.

Fiber – Fiber makes it possible to transport large amounts of data at lightning speed. Much faster than copper UTP cables. Loss on the cable over long distances is almost no longer an issue with fiber optics. The advantages of fiber optic are: lower material costs, lower installation costs, much higher data transmission speeds and insensitive to electromagnetic interference fields.

Network  – The above mentioned electrical shops sell all color network cables of Cat5 cable, Cat6 cable and even Cat7 cables in lengths from 0.25 to 1000 meters. The prices of the online shops are among the lowest in the world. In this shop you will find not only network cables, but also accessories including network cable testers, connectors, RJ45 pliers and cable ties.Order Cables Online

Photo & Video– Have you lost your USB cable for your camera? Don’t panic, because you can easily and quickly order a new one at the stores listed above. Visit Photo & Video for everything related to photography, from digital photo books to the latest cameras.

Telephone – You will find the right cable for both your home telephone and your mobile phone on this page. Visit our Phone page for the latest and used cell phones.

USB – Whether you are looking for a 1 meter cable or a 10 meter USB extension cable in the collections on this page you will find different lengths and connectors.

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