Photography trip Bollenstreek Netherlands

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine and me, went on a photography trip to the Bollenstreek, to photograph the world famous flower fields in the Netherlands.

The bollenstreek covers a large area in the western part of the Netherlands, and it extends all the way to the coast.

We prepared our trip by checking if there is a special travel route to make sure we get to see the most amazing flower fields.

My friend came up with a route from the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club), which is around 100 km orso.

We started the route at Hoogmade, and made our way along narrow roads towards Lisse.

At the start we didn’t see much flower fields, but the area is truly amazing, and especially when we got to Kaag, which is a small town at the Kagerplassen.

The weather was really nice that day, so a lot of people were on the water in large and small boats on the kagerplassen, and we plan to go there for a trip soon, so we can get some nice photographs there.

Soon after we passed Kaag, we got to see the first flower fields!

It was an amazing sight, with all the different colored flower fields, stretched out before us.

We parked close to the fields, and only had to walk at most 25 meters before we were in the midst of it.

Field of narcissi

I had taken my Canon EOS M5 camera with me, so I was able to get some nice shots in, and I even recorded some video (Video at the bottom).

Yellow and white narcissi
Field filled with yellow and white narcissi
Yellow narcissi in a large field
Yellow narcissi in a large field

After we spend around 20 minutes at the first fields, we moved on to the next field where we were treated to a large spread of different colored Hyacinths, with one orange tulip sticking out.

Rows of purple and pink Hyacinths
Field of purple Hyacinths with an orange tulip
Field of purple Hyacinths with an orange tulip

Because we still had a long way to go that day, and wanted to see as many fields of flowers as we could, we got in the car again and drove on to the next field of flowers.

This was a large field of red tulips which had just bloomed or were about to bloom, as you can see in the image below.

They looked amazing and the smell was really nice :).

Red tulips in a field
Red tulips in a field

I was able to walk between the rows of tulips and get a nice close up of one of them as can be seen in the photograph below. You can see the reproductive organs from the tulip quite clearly with the tulip stamen and pistils.

tulip stamen and pistils
tulip stamen and pistils

Because this was just a small field of tulips, we decided to get moving again, around the city of Lisse, which turned out to be a pain, because traffic was really busy that day with people doing the same as us.

So we were happy to get of the main road and visit a flower farm, where they grow some really bright yellow narcissi, for the market.

bright yellow narcissi
bright yellow narcissi

After we took some photographs and video from the flower fields, we needed to get moving again to the next destination.

Which turned out to be a large field filled with yellow and red/yellow tulips, so we had to stop there and take some photographs.

Yellow and red/yellow tulips

Next to it was a large field of red tulips and some rows of yellow tulips, as you can see in the image below.

Half of the tulips still needed to bloom, but the sight was still pretty amazing.

Field of Yellow and Red tulips
Field of Yellow and Red tulips
Red Tulips in rows

Since it was getting really late, we decided to call it quits and head back home, but not until we visited the next field of beautiful red/white tulips, as you can see in the photograph below.

red/white tulips
red/white tulips

As I mentioned above, we also shot some video that day, so be sure to check out the video below and don’t forget to like the video 🙂

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