My Canon EOS M5 and Instagram


As I mentioned in my previous post about architectural photography, I bought a new camera a few months ago.

I was looking for a new camera now for a while, and I really wanted to get a mirrorless camera this time, to save weight during my trips.

Since I am already familiar with Canon, there was not much too choose from in my opinion, so I got the new Canon EOS M5, which has an Electronic viewfinder, and a 24 megapixel cropped sensor.

It came with the new kit lens, which ranges from 18-150mm, which is a real joy, if you plan on shooting on locations, where you want to get wide shots, or get close to something you want to photograph.Canon EOS M5

The electronic viewfinder is a really helpful tool imho, because I can display a histogram in the finder, which displays the brightness of the shot I want to take, and adjust my settings if needed. You can also set it to display the RGB values for the histogram in your menu.

You can add a raster view in the finder, and a digital level, so you always get a level shot.

All the elements shown in the viewfinder are also displayed on your flip out screen at the back, which is a touch screen, so very helpful.

There is a proximity sensor near the electronic viewfinder, which turns off the screen at the back of the camera when u move your eye towards the finder to save battery life.

Can be a bit frustrating, when you want to adjust something on your touchscreen and your hand comes too close to the proximity sensor, and it turns off the back display.

Another thing I really like, is the option to see the image you took in your viewfinder for a few seconds (Image review), after you just took the picture. I have mine set to 2 seconds.

One thing was really bothering me with this camera, and that was the following. When I hold my camera in portrait mode, so vertical, I kept pressing the damn record button for video all the time. So I have a few dozen 1 second, or 2 second video clips now.

After some digging into the menu options, I finally found the remapping option, so I can change all the buttons, to my liking.

I turned off the record button, and remapped my record button to the M-Fn button at the top of my camera. So no more accidental recordings! Yay!

Another thing I changed was back button focusing, which I remapped to my star button at the back. So now I can press the back button focus button, and lock that focus into place without having to worry my focus will be lost when I press the shutter button.

Want to learn more about back button focusing? Check out the video below from Steve Perry, who really gives a perfect explanation for back button focusing.

For a complete guide on the camera settings, check out the video below from Tony & Chelsea Northrup.

I also bought the EF-EOS M mount adapter, so I can mount my old lenses from my Canon 100D.

I can shoot video with it at 1920 by 1080 at 50fps, which might sound low in today’s market, but I don’t need a 4K camera at this moment. I want to focus more on photography.

I am shooting some video though, and the digital image stabilization on 5 axis, really works well, although not perfect. Specially when you walk on uneven ground, like a dirt track.

After a few months of using the Canon EOS M5, I can honestly say, that I am really impressed by the quality of the images it produces. And that is what matters most of course.

Watch a Real World Review from Jared Polin, from FroKnowsPhoto in the video below.

Regarding the camera usage itself, I am also quite happy, although I had to figure out how to turn off the record button, as I mentioned before, because that can be very frustrating, I can tell you that!

I am slowly taking baby steps in going full manual mode with this camera, after I had focused mostly on Aperture and Shutter speed with my Canon 100D.

Going to try out some portrait photography as well, since I have never done that tbh, and the best way to do Portrait photography is in manual mode imho, because that way you can change every setting to your liking to get the best result you want.

Anyway, I also want to mention that you can follow me on Instagram, where I made 2 accounts. One I use now mostly for architectural photography, and my user name is Jacco44.



Instagram is really good imho to get your work out there and to see what professional photographers are up to, so make sure you follow some professional photographers you admire.

Since I am not a hot babe, or very young for that matter, Its a lot harder to get some decent followers, so make sure you use the right tags for your images to be found, if you want to start using Instagram yourself for promoting your work.

One thing I truly dislike about Instagram is the sneaky way some people get followers.

Sometimes you see people following you, and since I am a decent guy, I follow back.

When I check back a few days later, or a day later I see they have unfollowed me for no particular reason. Since I haven’t added a new photo in 24 hours, I assume that can’t be the reason.

When I check their accounts, I see they have a lot of followers, and they actually follow just a few people. That’s when you know, you don’t need to follow that person back.

They don’t care about the work you’ve done, and only care about the number of followers they have.

I’d rather have a small amount of followers, that actually follow you for my work tbh.

Well thats it for this post.

I hope you enjoyed it so feel free to leave a reply at the bottom, and let me know if you got yourself a EOS M5 and how you enjoy it sofar.



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