Hello, and welcome to the blog from JPR Arts. A friend of mine and me started JPR Arts more than 10 years ago (together with another friend at that time, who is out of the picture), and since then, we have been adding a few new sites, where we can put our love and energy in. Since we are only with 2, and we both have day jobs, this can take up a lot of our spare time.

We both love to travel and take photographs, and in 2016 I also started to film more from our trips and travels, and we add those on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/JPRTravel, and our photo and video site https://www.photos-videos.net/. We are both from the Netherlands, so you will see more photo’s and videos from our small country.

As I said before, we both love to travel, so we started a dutch travel site called https://www.boekjereis.net/, which we later translated into https://www.travel-holiday.net/. So if you want to travel abroad for a few weeks, or take a city trip to your favorite city, make sure to check out one of those sites, and book your next holiday easily and safe online, through one of the online travel agencies we mention 🙂

On this blog I will write about my interests, but also about hobbies, movies, television series, and whatever keeps me up or busy at night 😉

We hope you like your stay here on our blog, so feel free to share a story if you truly like it, and don’t be a stranger now!


J (Yes, I am the J in JPR Arts :))